Ring Sizing: Finding Your Perfect Ring Measurement

This informative page will serve as a guide to finding your perfect ring size. Having the appropriate ring size will make all the difference–the ring will sit comfortably on the finger, stabilized and centered, amplifying the beauty of the design. Looking glamorous shouldn’t be uncomfortable–the optimal ring size is effortlessly wearable, providing all-day comfort without straining the finger or hand.

String or Paper Method

The string or paper method is an easy way to measure your ring finger size. Following these steps will give you an approximate ring finger size in the comfort of your own home.

1. Take string or yarn and cut it approximately 6 inches long. You may also use a piece of paper–cutting a slim size of paper in the same method will produce similar results.

2. Wrap the string, yarn, or paper around the finger.

  • Leave enough room to move the finger. Water retention, weight fluctuations, and movement need to be taken into consideration for necessary mobility. Wiggling your finger and stretching your hand at different angles help replicate how the ring fits in real life.

3. Using a black pen, mark the part of the string, yarn, or piece of paper with a pen where the material crosses over. 

4. Measure this marked piece of material with a ruler in millimeters/inch (USA) or the measurement used in your country.

This at-home method provides the starting point for your ring sizing. Since rings are composed of durable materials, the final size may differ slightly from this method’s results. 

Other Methods

Taking your favorite ring to a jewelry store can be helpful. Jewelers and jewelry stores have tools called mandrels, which look like elongated cone-shaped pyramids made with metal, plastic, or wood. These tools measure ring sizes 1-15 with easy to read markers, numbers, and lines. Mandrels can also be purchased. Having a mandrel at home is an easy way of measuring your current ring’s size. 

Jewelry stores have metal ring gauge sets. These are round metal rings placed around a metal circle, similar to keys on a keychain. Trying these ring gauges on is the closest thing to finding your ring size. Each ring is marked with the size for convenience.

Important Note: Wider rings should be purchased larger. The larger width inhibits the finger. Slimmer rings can be purchased smaller because of their delicate width.

Alternatively, if you have a ring at home you can download the app Ring Sizer, place your ring on the screen and make sure the circle is perfectly aligned to your ring according to the size shown. 

*USA ring sizes are measured in millimeters. This is notated in the grid.

Bangle Sizing

1.Find a bangle which fits you correctly and lay it down flat.

2.Measure from the clasp to the end of the bracelet (in cm) and order the size which is closest to your measurement. 3.To ensure it fits comfortably, we suggest adding 1 cm for comfort. You can add or subtract cm to whether you prefer a loose or tight fit.

XS :: Up to 6 In./15 cm wrist

S :: Up to 6 1/2 In./16.5 cm wrist

M :: Up to 7 1/4 In./18 cm wrist

M/L & L :: Up to 7 3/4 In./19.5 cm wrist