MG Jewelry & Glossy NYC E-Commerce Forum 2023

MG Jewelry & Glossy NYC E-Commerce Forum 2023

Leaders from influential brands and well-known retailers detailed how they built successful businesses, won over and retained a loyal customer base, drove, and increased sales, and reimagined the omnichannel concept at this year's Glossy E-Commerce Forum.

This event took place on May 15th located at the Etc Venues at Madison Avenue, NYC.

It was an exciting opportunity to emphasize modern technology and other resources to capture a new audience within the competitive field of e-commerce. Speakers included fashion, beauty, jewelry and tech categories.

Networking Hub for Fashion & More

This event featured networking over cocktails and fashion, luxury, and beauty brand activations, along with MG’s activation space. It served as a chance to meet fellow brands and immerse with various products, company stories, and other unique connections for successful business for today’s market and beyond.

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